Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Three of Hearts

In the story "Mr. Sebastian and the Negro Magician", Daniel Wallace makes sure the reader isn't bored. He really liked to switch the moods up in the book. In some parts he uses tragedy, love, mystery, and even a little comic releif. I think the main tragedy he wanted his readers to focus on was the loss of Henry's sister. He really made the book kind of based off that whole tragedy, where Henry blames himself throughout his entire life for the loss of his sister. Though at the end it really reveils how Henry's father mysteriously some how gave his sister to Mr. Sebastian to look after because he was unfit to be a father. There was even a love triangle that went on. After Henry joind the circus he fell in love with Marianne La Fleur, while in the meantime the Ossified girl was in love with Heny because he was the only person that would really take care of her. Though what really made this book go over the top was the random spots of comic relief with Henry's sad attempt at Magic.

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